Cleaning Website Changes

Recent changes to the website to better meet the services of the cleaning business

The websites changes I understand you want:

1, Hard floor Cleaning and Patio images and pages.

2, Please explain about your request for a ‘green eco’ image. We don’t know exactly what that means to you, again find the image and we can add it. There is an ‘organic cleaning’ tab / image and page already

3, shop cleaning image – do you want the current image that says ‘shop cleaning’ to be replaced by shop carpet image ? If so please select the image you want.

4, There is an upholstery cleaning image (white leather sofa) please give an indication of another image and we will replace. In general its good to get more specific instructions about what you want on the site changed.

5, Less carpet cleaning photos, the main reason and I will be honest is we no longer promote carpet cleaning. Rather we have progressed more into our core business of Garden Patio Umbrella cleaning and restoration as well as the  specialist restoration of stone and other hard flooring.  Essex cleaning would be more useful if we focused on that alone,  but the site is primarily a carpet cleaning website and I don’t know what to do to be honest the changes on that site would be to great. With coding changes and what ever it takes it would be a complete re-design would it not? Our main focus for business has changed as I have stated, the problem with the site is it is a carpet & upholstery site primarily and we only do a small amount of that we do not use a truck mount anymore. Carpet cleaning enquiries as you will see are very few, you could not live off it alone, which is why many get out of it, although many start up few make it into there second or third year

The website can easily be focused on Garden / Patio Decking area cleaning as well as stone cleaning.

We are more than willing to update the current site, you can drop sections and create new sections, you can supply text and images and I can create the pages for you. The website was created knowing what its focus was and knowing it would form part of your business as you have so many sites. To focus the site on Garden / Patio Decking area cleaning and Garden Umbrellas can be done, we can add a few pages of garden and patio cleaning infomation (text and photos) and we can optimise these pages then rewrite a few of the other main pages to put focus onto your main cleaning services. Would also need to rewrite the graphics and change a lot of the headings but it could be done within 1 day  but you would need to provide the text and photos. If you just wanted to add one page on garden, decking and patio cleaning and remove another service then I could do that for free within a few hours for you but you would need to provide text and photos.

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