Garden umbrellas / parasols

The Oriental Umbrellas’ attractive garden umbrellas add a special touch to any garden or patio. Rather than serving merely a functional purpose, these patio umbrellas are for those who require a more sophisticated decoration for their gardens. The variety of designs and choice of colours available, makes it easier to coordinate these garden furnishings with the layout of the garden as a whole. Since they are often used as a patio centre piece, those structuring a new garden may choose to base the design around their favourite choice in our range of parasols. The addition of any of our umbrellas will surely add a distinctive and original feel for anyone wishing to have something a bit different in their garden.

When preparing for a garden or country show, every detail is significant. This is where our products comes into their own, as great attention has been made to detail in every aspect of their design and manufacturing. Each parasol is hand painted on pure cotton, with a stunning array of colours, guaranteed to make your garden, display or show stand out. All materials are of the highest quality, with the supporting structure of the umbrella being made of bamboo and the pole of either bamboo or teak Not only has it been a priority to make each part of the parasol aesthetically pleasing, but these products are also made to last. The materials are both durable and environmentally friendly. However, in order to ease peace of mind, all products are also under guarantee during the first year, in the case of design or manufacturing faults.

The premium nature of these patio umbrellas makes them highly suitable for use in any restaurants, cafes, hotels or garden centres that wish to add some class to their d├ęcor. Not only do these garden parasols offer shade while having afternoon tea or sipping a glass of wine, but they also transform any setting, giving it a more luxurious feel. For those catering for wedding receptions, the presence of such decorations is likely to greatly increase the desirability of the venue for the bride and groom. On such a memorable occasion, with so many photos being taken throughout the day, decoration becomes of vital importance. As such these garden umbrellas and parasols are a worthwhile, deluxe investment, for those wishing to cater for such once in a lifetime occasions. They also make much appreciated gifts for those wishing to splash out to celebrate a loved one’s special occasion.

For settings where photo shoots are required, these umbrellas would make a perfect background. On the one hand they are authentic, Eastern originals, yet on the other hand, they portray a modern and unique look, appropriate for those working in the world of fashion. They would also be a useful acquisition for fashion or countryside magazines, looking for a backdrop or props for the scenes being displayed on their pages.

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