Essex Contract Cleaners

We are looking for the opportunity of meeting with local business owners to discuss the benefits and savings that can be made by using us as your contract cleaning provider for your premises.

We are a Essex Cleaning Company, with offices throughout Essex. We have one of the largest full-time staffs and we have a comprehensive range of services means that we can provide you with an integrated approach to all your cleaning requirements. By dealing with one, trusted company you will benefit from peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that a consistently high level of service is being achieved throughout your establishment.  Please feel free to call or email me for any further details you may require and to arrange a convenient meeting time.

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Marquee Hire Companies

When that big day is arriving you want everything to run as perfectly as it possibly can. That is why the marquee hire directory has become hugely successful as many are turning to the outdoor venue to make their day even more special. Suitable for any occasion, these marquees are available in all shapes and sizes to best fit your needs.

When you are choosing a marquee you need to make sure that the one you’re choosing is right for the event. The decorations can mean everything as they add to the overall ambiance and tone. As you are choosing a marquee company you want to find one who will erect it for you quickly and efficiently.

Professionalism is key as every aspect can reflect on your big day, however minuscule it may seem initially. A company who is reliable and fast is essential as this will help remove any of the potential stress keeping it down to a minimum. Safety is also an important issue as you need to make sure they keep to the proper protocol, thus giving you your peace of mind.

You will need to have the date for the event clear in your mind as many of these companies can be booked up months prior to what you’re looking for. The setting of your marquee is important too as it can make a lot of difference if your structure is public or private. If you can, try to find a company that is nearby, but this isn’t essential as their quality should come first and foremost.

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Essex Cleaners

We are always in need of good part and full time cleaners, in the first instance send us information about yourself, here is an example of cleaners information we require to consider yourself for a Essex Cleaner’s position

I am e mailing you as you are a cleaning firm that covers all of Essex, to see if you have any cleaning positions available at the moment in the Colchester,Clacton-on-sea regions of Essex.
I have experiance of cleaning as i have worked as a general office cleaner at Clacton Police station for a contract cleaning company. This was a very responsible job as i was a key holder to all major rooms within the station.
My duties were polishing tables,cleaning kitchens,toilets,and gymnasiums. I have also been trained in the use of a buffing machine.
I am a reliable, hard working , punctual person with a very good attendance record. If you would like to have a cleaning referance for me then you can contact Monthind Clean on 01206 215300 and ask to speak to a Mr LLoyd Petney who will be happy to oblige with a referance for me.
I would be bgrateful if you could e mail me back with details of the jobs and keep my name on your files for future referance.
Thank you for your time on this matter

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Cleaning Quotes

Here is a selection of our cleaning quotes:

Looking for a best price for Colchester school curtains cleaned, fireproofed and a minor repair to lining (small area).

Could you let me know if you would be available for a carpet clean on afternoon of 26th May. The property is in Grays and is a one bedroom flat – carpeted areas are the double bedroom, small hallway and living room. If you could let me know how much that would cost I would be really grateful

1 pair of short bedroom curtains with blackout lining. They sit against a window and condensation has caused mildew in patches on the bottom of the curtains and lining. Please could you let me know if your cleaning service is able to remove this and if so approximate cost.

I have a cream corner leather sofa and I would like to know how much it will cost to clean it OR alternatively to dye it in a darker colour such as brown. I also want cleaning some heavy curtains at double patio with pelmet and tie backs
I live in Romford, Essex.

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Garden umbrellas / parasols

The Oriental Umbrellas’ attractive garden umbrellas add a special touch to any garden or patio. Rather than serving merely a functional purpose, these patio umbrellas are for those who require a more sophisticated decoration for their gardens. The variety of designs and choice of colours available, makes it easier to coordinate these garden furnishings with the layout of the garden as a whole. Since they are often used as a patio centre piece, those structuring a new garden may choose to base the design around their favourite choice in our range of parasols. The addition of any of our umbrellas will surely add a distinctive and original feel for anyone wishing to have something a bit different in their garden.

When preparing for a garden or country show, every detail is significant. This is where our products comes into their own, as great attention has been made to detail in every aspect of their design and manufacturing. Each parasol is hand painted on pure cotton, with a stunning array of colours, guaranteed to make your garden, display or show stand out. All materials are of the highest quality, with the supporting structure of the umbrella being made of bamboo and the pole of either bamboo or teak Not only has it been a priority to make each part of the parasol aesthetically pleasing, but these products are also made to last. The materials are both durable and environmentally friendly. However, in order to ease peace of mind, all products are also under guarantee during the first year, in the case of design or manufacturing faults.

The premium nature of these patio umbrellas makes them highly suitable for use in any restaurants, cafes, hotels or garden centres that wish to add some class to their décor. Not only do these garden parasols offer shade while having afternoon tea or sipping a glass of wine, but they also transform any setting, giving it a more luxurious feel. For those catering for wedding receptions, the presence of such decorations is likely to greatly increase the desirability of the venue for the bride and groom. On such a memorable occasion, with so many photos being taken throughout the day, decoration becomes of vital importance. As such these garden umbrellas and parasols are a worthwhile, deluxe investment, for those wishing to cater for such once in a lifetime occasions. They also make much appreciated gifts for those wishing to splash out to celebrate a loved one’s special occasion.

For settings where photo shoots are required, these umbrellas would make a perfect background. On the one hand they are authentic, Eastern originals, yet on the other hand, they portray a modern and unique look, appropriate for those working in the world of fashion. They would also be a useful acquisition for fashion or countryside magazines, looking for a backdrop or props for the scenes being displayed on their pages.

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Client Spotlight Mr Windows – Windows and Doors

mr-window-essexWe have been working with this leading Essex Window, Door and Conservatory company for sometime, they specialise in Windows, Doors and Conservatories for homeowners (residential) customers and trade / commercial projects in Essex. We really recommend them, here are some details about their doors

Doors; Mr. Window’s doors, manufactured with standard top graded glass, warrant that: you get a decade long cover for all door designs and specialized locking mechanisms to ensure more safety. The door designs include:

Residential doors; there is an assortment to pick from including the revolving doors, ornate or blotch, fully or half glazed. Some have wheel chair friendly porches if required.

Patio doors, bi-folding and French doors; these highly durable doors are tailored to link your home with your garden. They further allow you to fully enjoy the landscape all year round while keeping you safe from the weather elements.

Garage doors; Mr. Window offer top quality garage door fixing, from partial to fully mechanized systems capable of meeting your garage door needs fully.
Rubber roofing; though not easy to set up, they are still more sturdy and tougher than the conventional roofing systems and on top of that, come with a lifetime guarantee. Mr. Window offer professional installation for this product.

Shutters; Mr. Window provides shutters that spruce up the appearance of your windows and enliven your home. The all-weather shutters can be appended to the inside and outside of your windows and will be an attractive addition to the general outlook to your home or office.

As much as Mr. Windows are pleased to give professional advice on the range of products they offer, they maintain the policy that the final choice rests with the client. Their team of highly skilled personnel endeavour to shape their products and services according to clients’ desires.

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Cleaning Website Changes

Recent changes to the website to better meet the services of the cleaning business

The websites changes I understand you want:

1, Hard floor Cleaning and Patio images and pages.

2, Please explain about your request for a ‘green eco’ image. We don’t know exactly what that means to you, again find the image and we can add it. There is an ‘organic cleaning’ tab / image and page already

3, shop cleaning image – do you want the current image that says ‘shop cleaning’ to be replaced by shop carpet image ? If so please select the image you want.

4, There is an upholstery cleaning image (white leather sofa) please give an indication of another image and we will replace. In general its good to get more specific instructions about what you want on the site changed.

5, Less carpet cleaning photos, the main reason and I will be honest is we no longer promote carpet cleaning. Rather we have progressed more into our core business of Garden Patio Umbrella cleaning and restoration as well as the  specialist restoration of stone and other hard flooring.  Essex cleaning would be more useful if we focused on that alone,  but the site is primarily a carpet cleaning website and I don’t know what to do to be honest the changes on that site would be to great. With coding changes and what ever it takes it would be a complete re-design would it not? Our main focus for business has changed as I have stated, the problem with the site is it is a carpet & upholstery site primarily and we only do a small amount of that we do not use a truck mount anymore. Carpet cleaning enquiries as you will see are very few, you could not live off it alone, which is why many get out of it, although many start up few make it into there second or third year

The website can easily be focused on Garden / Patio Decking area cleaning as well as stone cleaning.

We are more than willing to update the current site, you can drop sections and create new sections, you can supply text and images and I can create the pages for you. The website was created knowing what its focus was and knowing it would form part of your business as you have so many sites. To focus the site on Garden / Patio Decking area cleaning and Garden Umbrellas can be done, we can add a few pages of garden and patio cleaning infomation (text and photos) and we can optimise these pages then rewrite a few of the other main pages to put focus onto your main cleaning services. Would also need to rewrite the graphics and change a lot of the headings but it could be done within 1 day  but you would need to provide the text and photos. If you just wanted to add one page on garden, decking and patio cleaning and remove another service then I could do that for free within a few hours for you but you would need to provide text and photos.

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Cleaners Required

Always need good reliable cleaners, feel free to send us details of yourself, please give more detail that this:

‘I want a job at your company as a cleaner, I have over 10 years experience in professional and industrial cleaning, knowing how to work with all machines on the market, single disc, vacuum etc.’

but less than 2 pages on what you can do and why you should get a job as an Essex Cleaner for our company.