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Carpet Cleaning

Our state of the art equipment puts cleaning solutions at very high pressure right into the carpet fabric, this solution is removed by the machine very quickly but not until the solution is activated and the cleaning process continues.  All of our solutions are natural and non toxic helping you to maintain a healthier and sustainable home, environment and lifestyle.

  • Helps to combat allergies if regularly cleaned
  • Completely revives and refreshes carpets this commonly avoids the need to renew them

Essex Cleaning Company uses the most modern, efficient and effective cleaning equipment in the industry.  Recommended methods of cleaning by leading carpet manufacturers, only the best equipment and cleaning solutions are used. 
Regular cleaning of carpets not only prolongs its life but also significantly reduces allergies in those who are affected.  

Our cleaning solutions contain only safe, highly effective and non-toxic ingredients.

We use the very latest in technology to clean carpets, a cleaning solution is injected into the carpet and a powerful pump then extracts the solution.  This removes any bacteria and dirt from the carpet and moves it safely into the waste tank. 

Essex Carpet Cleaning

At Essex Cleaning we pride ourselves on our professional judgement when it comes to recommending to our customers how we will clean their carpets.  This also depends on the age and current state of your carpets.  We can offer you several different techniques to ensure best results and overall customer satisfaction.
Thorough regular cleaning of dirt and stains can prolong the life of your carpets.

When we have cleaned your carpets, we are able to apply a Scotchguard 3M resistant coating to ensure your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Drying time is approximately 1 hour but this can fluctuate depending on how soiled the area was. 
Our carpet and upholstery cleaning experts use only the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment.

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