How often should my carpets be cleaned?
We would recommend having them cleaned professionally at least every 12 months, this prolongs the life of your carpet and helps to keep a clean environment in your home. 

Is my carpet more likely to get soiled after it has been cleaned?
All solutions used during cleaning are rinsed completely out of the carpet, thus leaving no residue.  Of course it is common sense to not have any heavy foot traffic soon after it has been cleaned, this is to allow the carpet to dry naturally.  Your carpet will normally be dry after an hour of cleaning but areas that have been treated for heavy soiling may require a little longer.   We use truck mounted equipment for most of our cleaning services and also use eco friendly and allergy safe chemicals, these processes leave none of the residues left that cause re-soiling.

What cleaning solutions will you use?

This really depends on the area being treated, when we survey the area to be treated we can advise you on the products that will be used.

Do I have to clear the room when you clean my carpets?

As part of our carpet cleaning service, we will move furniture for you and will replace when we have finished the cleaning process.  It is helpful if you can clear away any small objects and children’s toys and for those to remain out of the room until the carpet is completely dry. 

Do I have to take down my curtains for them to be cleaned?
When we complete our site survey on your curtains we will be able to advise you if we are able to clean them whilst they are hanging, or if they are too soiled we will arrange for them to be cleaned off your premises.  If the latter is this case, we can take them down and re-hang them for you.

What can I expect from using Essex Cleaning Company?

We are well trained professionals with many years service in the cleaning industry.  We will always look at the areas to be cleaned before we carry out any work and will always evaluate and recommend the best cleaning methods.
We will not carry out any work until you are satisfied with our recommendations and of course the cost of the work to be carried out.

Do you give a Guarantee?

Essex Cleaning Company guarantee to clean to the highest standards possible.  However we cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed but will try out utmost to remove even the most stubborn of stains.

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