essex environmentaly friendly  cleaning

Organic Cleaning

At Essex Cleaning Company we are committed to managing our impact on the environment, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods and at no extra cost.

All of our cleaning services and practices are aimed at being environmentally friendly therefore protecting the environment in the longer term. Our products are all biodegradable and we source as many of our products locally to also cut down on our carbon emissions used in the transportation of products.

Environmentally / Eco friendly Cleaning

Essex Cleaning Company believes that we can all do our bit to help the environment; we feel we have adopted practices which in no way compromise the service we deliver.

We use some of the newer more green cleaning solutions at Essex Cleaning Company, many of the solutions are now plant based instead of chemicals. 

Using this method is an obvious choice when someone in your family has an allergy. This is particularly useful when cleaning nurseries as many small children suffer from allergies.
Our professional advice would be to always choose a healthy approach to your cleaning requirements, and a system that cleans using the latest Eco friendly methods.

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