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Graffiti Removal

There are many property/business owners and local authorities that have to deal with unwanted graffiti on a regular basis. It is an on-going challenge for many people in Essex to prevent their property from being de-faced by graffiti artists, but when it does happen, they will need to find a professional cleaning company based in the Essex area to remove this unsightly, sometimes offensive mess.

Essex Cleaning Services have removed graffiti from many buildings, alley ways, doors and brick walls using nothing but the best equipment and products that are environmentally friendly. With our high powered jet washers, we can remove this street art from most surfaces at a reasonable price. Once the graffiti have been removed, the area can be covered with an anti-graffiti treatment to prevent this from happening again.

Graffiti Removal Service

We use our own water supply so there is no need to bother you and no place we cannot get to. Chemicals are not always needed, just steam and pressure is enough to remove most spray paints. We work in a professional manner to ensure that the public is not affected in anyway and that there is no water damage caused to your property while we are removing any graffiti.

You can contact us to come and carry out a clean test to show you how effective our cleaning methods are before you book us in for this service.

If you would like to a free quote, then please contact us today.

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