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Leather Cleaning

At Essex Cleaning Company, we are able to offer our clients the full service when it comes to cleaning leather. This cleaning process is proven and tried and tested where a cleaning solution specifically formulated for leather is applied, ensure that it gets rid of any marks on the leather hide. leather sofa setee cleaning

A fully manual process where we apply and remove the leather cleaner solution by hand, ensuring that the leather furnishings will be restored to a fantastic condition.
Natural fibres in leather can easily break down in time; some leathers are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures which can often lead to red rot. 

Change in temperatures can also cause a change to the fibrous structure of the leather. 

We are also able to re-colour, repair and restore areas of leather that may be worn or damaged.  Most leather cleaners bought in shops are not able to cut through the grease and dirt that is on your leather suite. 

At Essex Cleaning Company we also offer a leather cleaning service for your car, boat or indeed aircraft.
We can offer a range of different treatments to bring your leather back to life. 

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