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Curtain Cleaning

We are a market leader within our industry and we are uniquely placed to offer you a range of other specialised cleaning services such as curtain cleaning.

curtain cleaning
Essex Cleaning Company  are able to clean your curtains on-site as they hang in their place, this process gives you the added benefits of not having to worry about taking your curtains down and putting them back up again.

This completely takes away any of the disruption involved in having to take drapes down to be sent away for cleaning.

Curtains often become stale and quite offensive, pelmets, swags and tails can collect dust over time and cannot always been seen.  It’s easy to see just how much dust has collected on them and your curtain catch and retain airborne odours and dust.  You can also tell my smelling the fabric if they are dirty and stale or indeed clean and fresh.

Our professionals at Essex Cleaning Company will carry out the following when cleaning your curtains:-

  • We will pre-test your curtains to check that they are a suitable material for cleaning.
  • Any loose dust will be vacuumed first with our specialist curtain cleaning tools before we attempt to remove any embedded stains, dust and odours.
  • Utmost care is taken when handling your curtains thus ensuring no damage happens to delicate fabrics.
  • Specialist cleaning solvents and solutions are used to eliminate any risks of colour blending or change. Our stain protectors will result in your curtain fabrics staying cleaner for much longer.
  • All curtain are cleaned on-site as they are hanging, no need to worry about taking them down and re-hanging.
  • Our professionals will ensure that your curtains are re-hung and looking as good as new.
  • You will have the knowledge that our fully qualified professionals have cleaned your fabrics to remove all dirt, dust, odours, pollutants and stains.
  • You will noticeably feel that you have a cleaner, safer and fresher indoor environment.

We understand at Essex Cleaning that convenience is highly important to our customers; one of our objectives is to make life easier for you by providing a professional and efficient curtain cleaning service.
As part of our curtain cleaning service we will often carry out an on-site evaluation to determine the size, condition and style of your fabric.  From this evaluation we can prepare a no obligation quote.

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