pet smell removal

Carpet Stains & Smell Removal

Drink spills and pet odour from cats and dogs can be a particular problem if left untreated and can often lead to bacteria breeding.  We use carpet stain and odour eliminators to help clean and freshen your home.

pet smells on carpet

Our professionals at Essex Cleaning Company will identify the problem areas in your home or premises using various kinds of inspection tools, then the urine pre-treatment is used in order that when the carpet is cleaned, as much as the urine as possible can be extracted.  Our treatments digest organic waster matter, thus permanently destroying urine odours at the source.

The area(s) of contamination are treated with an enzyme injection that directly attacks the urine; this procedure actually eats the remaining urine. 

pet smells on carpet

This process is safe for pets.

It is important to note that some urine stains can often bleach colour out of carpets, leave permanent stains and cause discoloration in some carpets. 

Using the above procedures, excellent results are achieved.

Some facts about pet odours

  • Urine starts out as an acid and changes into an alkaline salt given time.
  • Urine is sterile when a cat or dog urinates.
  • The salt in the urine attracts moisture which leads to bacteria breeding.
  • The bacteria produce the bad odour.

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